Why Ryadia?

Twenty Five years in the business must count for something.

My first job was a real eye opener. They employed two of us but only needed one. I've no idea why they chose the other guy instead of me. They probably did me a favour because at my next interview, I had experience and was offered an apprenticeship. For five years I worked and learned, attending college one day a week and the rest being taught by a recognised master Photographer.

His wife was a sought after artist who hand coloured portraits. She taught me how to do it too. This helped me grow my weekend business of photographing babies and neighbours relatives. By the time I received my 'Trade papers' I already had an established business. When colour took over from black & white, I sold the business and decided to try other occupations... Quite a few of them. Eventually returning to my trade, grappling with the toxic chemicals and total absence of light in the lab, needed to process colour film and prints.

Children, Television and the need for a secure income in the following years gave me the skills I use now to restore photos, picture frames and many other products. There simply is no substitute for experience when it comes to being resourceful enough to tackle the 'basket cases' of pictures I restore now. Photoshop has made many people into overnight 'experts' in photo editing. It is the jobs these people turn away that have made 'Ryadia™ a sought after trademark when it comes to finding someone to restore what these overnight experts consider unrestorable.

Before and after of background replacment


Ryadia™ Started life supplying training in the use of 'Wide Format' printers. In those days DSLRs were just emerging as a professional product. 3 mega-pixel images did not print very large so our Interpolation Algorithm was sought after for enlarging digital images. As the company grew, we merged our photographic studio 'Brisbane Wedding Photographers' with the company and started several other ventures. For over ten years we have produced limited edition regional photographic calendars. The Redlands Calendar is the only one that survives today.

Wedding photography has also fallen victim to changing times. The advent of 20 mega-pixel cameras and the current generation of young adults growing up in an age of computers and the Internet also gives them confidence to tackle tasks that 20 years ago called for experts. Brisbane Wedding Photographers has become 'weddingsNportraits' with the emphasis on portraits. The only Wedding work we do now is Videos. Our speciality Photo restoration and Photoshop skills along with Web Development are what we now concentrate on as the company continues to grow.

Web Design and Development

Designing smooth working websites that keep visitors coming back, time after time doesn't just happen. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients needs and designing a website that fits those needs. Once that is approved, our Web developers go to work and produce a functional site that not only looks good but does what it is designed to do as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our 'Technoaussie' division was set up to provide you with a domain name that suits your site and high speed, reliable web hosting at affordable cost.

By combining all our skills and ability, we believe Ryadia™ can offer a total solution of product photography, journalism, publishing Web Design and development along with our own business directory branded to your business. Business directories attract people searching for a business or service. By branding one of our many National or local directories with your on-line identity, you get greater Google ranking for starters. The fact that the name of your business is constantly there provides you with long term recognition. When we develop a website hosted on our servers, we automatically ensure your site is SEO friendly and known to Google from the day it is launched.