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Restoring photos without any colour information

colours brought to life

The easiest way to 'restore' faded colour photos is to let a good flat bed scanner do it for you. What happens when a colour is so faded there is no colour left to identify? Well, provided you can tell us what the original colour was, we can usually produce a very good result. We use a method very similar to identifying where a mobile phone call comes from. We use three known colours to identify all others. You can see the results here.


Stretching canvas verses block mounting

mounting canvas

Printing a photos is only the start. For some, buying a $10 frame from a 'cheap shop' and slipping a photo behind the glass is good enough. If you want a long lasting presentation, the process I just described isn't going to last for long. Photos will eventually stick to glass. So will any ink jet print - even canvas. We offer some combined long term presentation methods.


Wedding Albums, Photo books and other storage

Albums and photo books

Along with the relatively recent concept of creating a 'flat-page' photo book comes the blurring of descriptions describing storing photos in a way that can be shown to friends and relatives. The cheapest and most damaging (to photos) is slipping your photos into a book of plastic sleeves. The most expensive (and long lasting) is still a hand made album. Here we'll explain various options and their cost.

An article describing colour restoration

How we restore colours when there are none.

Before and after restoration examples

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Some of the many ways to mount photographs

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Tips to get really great photos

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Movies from still photos?

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How long will my printed photographs last?

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