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Understanding image sizes and focus issues

The Aspect ratio of an image is probably the least understood but most critical part of cropping an image. Why? Well for one thing, getting prints made will cost you the next size up (or larger) if you crop an image so "it looks nice" rather than one that will fit a standard print size. What a shock to discover instead of your 4" x 10" panorama costing your 24¢ (the price of two, 4" x 6" 12¢ prints) it will cost you $6 for A4 size print! Even putting two of your panorama side by side will still cost you $3 each. No where near the price of those "loss leader" advertisements of 12¢ prints You see "on Special" to get you into department store print counters.

Don't fall for the advertising traps. Use them to your advantage. Photo prints get cheaper as they get larger. By all means crop your images to suit frames or albums you might make yourself or buy. Even bring them to us for mounting but don't get just one print at a time made. Use a photo editor to lay out your pictures onto a large poster print and cut them out yourself when you get the print back. The saving in cash can be substantial. It costs $2 each for 2 panoramas 4" high x 10 or 12" long. put that many Panos on a 20x30 poster and the cost is only $1.50 each. Fill the entire poster with your photos and you'll save quite a lot of money. When you want even larger prints... That's where Ryadia is your best choice.

example of saving money when ordering prints

Photos Viewing Distance

What's this... Viewing distance? Well yes. An odd phenomenon of human vision is the amount of detail our eyes can resolve reduces with distance. An example is those huge roadside advertisements you see everywhere. They might look nice and sharply detailed from the road but to the people who put them up, they look anything but sharp and detailed. In the photo printing industry, this is known as 'viewing distance'. Despite the introduction of 'interpolation' to enlarge a digital image, they lose both sharpness and detail once they go past a certain size.

We can overcome this by ensuring the picture that has lost its resolution and sharpness is mounted in such a way people can't get close enough to see the loss. Putting a lounge or piece of furniture against the wall the photo is on can work. So will mounting the picture high on the wall. Even using both techniques can have people believing you have an exceptional photo! I've created a viewing distance chart to help determine your image size. Free to download it here.

Mounting your Photos

Regardless of you perhaps wanting to mount your own photos, the most efficient, dust free and affordable way to get beautiful wall decorations like these — awaiting collection to decorate a board room, is to send your images to Ryadia™ for printing and mounting. We don't just mount your photo we also treat them with museum grade acrylic laminate for life long protection.

Ryadia's vacuum system ensures no air bubbles or dust particles are trapped between the print and its backing. We also mount paper posters this way. The bond is 100% secure. Even soaking in water for a month will not release the photo from the backing. If we receive your image before 6PM weekdays, you can expect it to be dispatched back to you within 3 business days. If you live in Brisbane, we'll deliver it within 3 business days of receiving your image. a 20"x32" print costs $25 to mount and preserve. (not including print cost) Delivery anywhere in Brisbane is $15 including secure packing. For the rest of Australia, $25 including packing. We do not offer delivery of photo mounting outside Australia.

20x32 mounted photos for board room walls


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